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Date Posted:27-10-2022 09:56 AMCopy HTML

Want To Know The Truth Of Life, You Must Evolve To Master Your Body, Mind & Spirit

The only way for any beings to fully know, understand the truth of life is evolving to higher level.

Here is not about learning language, words then copying, using any technique.
But the ultimate goal is to full master your own physical body, mind and spirit.

The truth of life is not only about the planet Earth in this timeline, but including the planet Earth in other era or any other planets in the Universe.

You can treat the Earth life you are living as one video game.
If you want to play other game, you must first disconnect and out of the current Earth game.

The secret reason is some important “key” for you to fully understand, to unlock of life on Earth is only exist in other game, other planet, other timeline.

How brutal is that?
You would laugh at my statement, my theory.

The truth since ancient time, in my old teaching in the Himalaya mountain, the saint often encourage others to give up entire their wealth to disconnect with the society and go into the jungle to find the truth, the purpose of living.

The most clear successful example is the case of Gautama Buddha, which you should know.

And from my own personal experience as the savior Messiah, I can confirm that is the very important and very true.

Just like when you want to upgrade your personal desktop computer or any laptop such as increasing RAM memory or storage or CPU, etc. You must stop, shut down your computer running first, then you will able to replace it.

That is just theory.
But where to find the “better, stronger” RAM or data storage or CPU?
Well that is another question.

Each human body are quite the same like that.
But most people just don’t know that secret information !

They are chasing for more wealth, trying to blind following prophecies without using brain, mindset to analyze, to ask question or to try something new.

You need to remember that the planet Earth is always fine, it is only about whether you can “survive” or not.
The society can collapse but the planet Earth will still exist.

Do not waste time trying to “conquer” the society or “control” other humans, it is not worth is !

There is no good or bad people in life.
There is only “good” or “bad” action at certain situation only.

The only way for you to survive the brutal life is evolve, learn more about life to master your own body, mind and spirit.

Even I as the savior Messiah can only assist people who put hope and trust on me.
I am not going to show up and lead you like human controlling animals.

If you do not contact and connect with me to ask question, then that is your fault, your result.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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