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Date Posted:08-11-2022 03:26 AMCopy HTML

Want To Solve Any Problems, Just Making New Competition With Big Reward

There are a lot of “problems” in the society.
But what the “top” people are trying to do is just waiting and hoping for miracle come out of nowhere instead of truly seeking working solution.

The best way to increasing chance of solve any problems, challenge is making competition, contest with big reward.

– If you want to get more people know, aware about climate change you can hold competition with billions money reward for contest such as: writing educating book, making videos to help people understand more about climate change subject and change their behavior, actions, etc.

– If you want to solve the trade war problem, you can have a global contest to seeking ideas, solutions from the public people.

– If you want to find out who is the real Messiah in the end time, you can hold a half joke half real competition like: “So you think you are the Messiah, prove yourself to receive billion money”.


They are just few examples but it will increasing chance for you to finding out the working solution for all the problems you might have.

Do not wasting money for top government level, you better spend money to create public competition because the problem is always the people’s behavior, mindset.

Only in real competition, the true power all of beings will be displayed.
That rules apply to not only animals, humans but also gods, deities.

Best Regard,

The Savior

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