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Date Posted:30-10-2022 10:58 AMCopy HTML

World Economic System Must Have New Trading Rules About Company, Minimum Wage

At the moment there is absolutely no international trading rules that make “fair” trade between nation.

You don’t need more rules about domestic trading, but at the international level, you must have to make the trading business become more fair and balance between people, groups.

First, company/corporation should be required “license” in order to have ability to buy/sell/trade at international level. While for individual person, there is no need.

There are few types of company:
– Production company. (direct produce/make products, services).
– Reseller company. (the middle man).
– Investing company. (company that using money to buy shares in any international company).

Second, if you want “fair” trading between nations, then you can have a global minimum wage that apply to all international company that receive above “license”.

How that global minimum wage will be?
Option 1: having new international currency that nations in the group accept.
Option 2: using the natural resources price as a metric.

With option 1, there is no need much to be discuss since the rate could be from 0 to 100 or whatever number.

With option 2, then the natural resources could be the oil, gas or iron, bronze, silver, gold, etc.
But should pick the one have stable price (abundant in nature and hard to cheat) like iron, bronze.
There is no need to be strict here, should be estimate value only.
Could take the average price per day or per month of the previous year ago.

Beside the minimum wage, there could be the tax rate or some new standard/rules.

If you can have a new global minimum wage rule that apply for all international companies in most nations then the trade war must stop instantly unless it involve other hidden subject.

It is important to separate between domestic company vs international company even if you don’t change or fix anything.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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