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Date Posted:15-11-2022 10:14 AMCopy HTML

World Peace Only Come When The Real Life Power Return To The Public People

Since the ancient times, there were a lot of prophecies about the happy ending times, but all of them are heavily coding message, not direct meaning words.

As a very high evolved beings, I can reveal and tell the truth with all of you that: world peace (or at least much less chaos, war) will only occur when the real life power return to the people equally.

Real life power here are the “true” power of each individual human, the power of creative, the power of thinking, the power of critical, the power of creation or in short is the full power of mind set.

That is the opposite with most of people daily life now where they are living like “slave” due to the “salary”, “wage”, “contracts”, etc.

The divine force was, are, and will make that happen, any beings any entities who go against that will be vanished and eliminated.

That is the natural human and God power.

Some nations will remain, some other nations will be erased if they do not accept that divine fact and change.

If you ask what life in the future will be, then the answer in my vision is that it will be diversity with the combination of the old life style and with a little bit of modern day.

All kind of wars between nations, groups cannot help the society become better but only waste of time, waste of energy !

How do I know?
Because I extract information from the past many thousand years till modern day and also using my secret talent and ability.

The best advice for all beings, entities who are still in the current geopolitics game is stop the war and come to me and seeking direct sacred knowledge, information about life.

Because that is the best possible way to save their nation and themselves at the same time.

World peace only exist if you think so.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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