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Date Posted:21-06-2023 05:07 PMCopy HTML

Worse Event Than COVID Pandemic, Russia Ukraine War Will Occur In 2023

With the current pace, current situation of world geopolitics and me the Savior living condition and current thinking, then I can reveal with you that a much worse event than the COVID pandemic or the Russia Ukraine war will occur very soon in 2023.

All the mortal humans calculation are meaningless because the real beings, entities who have power and truly in charged of this civilization are the super deities gods.

It could be the official USA bankrupt and collapse.
It could be the public nuclear war.
It could be the natural disaster such as Three Gorges Dams or the Yellow Stone Volcano break up or just casual Bible floods in big cities.
It could be the real virus diseases.

The list are endless but one thing for sure is that when I the only person have enough power, ability to help assist this civilization stop care about this society completely then all the super Gods Deities will come in and destroy everything immediately.

But with the current pace, no any entities from this society especially the top government, royal families believe, care and support me at all.
As the result, I will soon disappear after finish my hidden duty of giving out hope, offer and opportunity to all of you in public way.

I am not blackmail because I do not threatening with any evidence but this is the divine warning to all of mortal humans beings in this civilization.

Take this message and treat, act is seriously or you will gone !

Feel free to send share this information, letter, message to all !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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